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Older Women Dating Younger Men

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"...older women younger men relationships..."

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later, and it happened one day when I started to develop a penchant for young men.
I found myself checking out the younger men I work with?., washboard abs, the v shape of their hips right before the top of their jeans, those sweeping shoulders, and the flesh, that tight, hot, smooth, flesh.
I was driving at a university campus late one evening and found myself almost driving off the road when I saw a young college student running down Sunbowl Drive, without his tee shirt jogging down the street. Oh God help me, The feeling that came over me was a surprise and somewhat of an embarrassment.
In our society it is as if life is suddenly over for a woman who has entered her forties. This just somehow doesn?t seem right to me, it is acceptable for an older man to go out with a younger woman but for an older woman to go out with a younger man, well she is considered a downright leach.
I remember a few years ago sitting to attention while watching a segment of Oprah in which she featured women who were marrying younger men. This made sense to me. A younger man can keep up with me. I found as I entered my second adulthood I had so much energy. A man my age is getting ready for retirement and in a lot of cases doesnt put the effort into his physical appearance that I do, a younger man does however.
As an older woman I'm able to experience a new freedom due to not having young children, or worrying about pregnancy. Activity is key to leading an exuberant life at this stage. Having lots of sex can help with this and also release endorphins which are known to be a feel good hormone. Sex is also an incredible beauty treatment. Look at someone who is having a great sex life and they just radiate. A woman can experience a new freedom in her sex life which can just knock her panties right off!
Mae West used to say, ?It is not the men in my life who count - it is the life in my men.?

The younger guy doesn't have hang ups like our generation. He is ready for the challenge. He is forging new paths and they find older women more sophisticated and maintaining an air of mystique. The young man can jump start a women?s confidence in herself while the mature woman has the ability to boost a young man?s ego. He loves the feeling that he is getting an encounter with the ultimate in sophistication. The bonus is they have the ability to ignite a delicious new sensuality in each other, and can give a certain something to each other.
As for me, today I feel free to prowl through the streets looking for that marvelous hot thing and pounce when I find him. Life is too hard not to have fun. I will embrace my animal charisma and growl in sheer delight my friends?
Oh, and Fernie wherever you are, I will never forget you!!!a

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  • Older Women Seeking Younger Men

    Older Woman Dating Younger Man Older couple(SRT MAN) looking for a third for some threesome fun!!!
    He is totally straight so NO BI'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She prefers them younger...........Cougar here!!! We are looking for some fun with the right person. Had a couple of threesomes and they were a blast!!! We don't get a lot of free time so let's not play any games..we like to meet for a drink first and see where it goes from there....chemistry is a must! I want to see pics and enough of them to know that you didn't just swipe somebody elses to use for your post...

    "...mature women younger men..."

    I get called that all the time and get hit on by the younger guys all the time. starting at 18 and up .. but I was very touched this past Christmas when one of my sons friends ( who is 26 now) told me that he had the hots for me , and asked me if I remembered him telling J that I was a MILF even back when he was wet behind the ears .( in HS ) I said sure I remembered that.. it made my day after J told me what it meant.. lol Anyway , he said he couldnt ask me out back then , but he wanted to know if I would consider going out with him now. ( this young man is a hottie now just like then) I told him if he ever gets to Austin to let me know and sure I would go out with him. He had the biggest smile on his face .. my son just laughed and said whatever man .

    I have had many younger lovers , age to me is a number we cant change so I dont judge guys I meet by that.. I always have a great time with them. They arent so serious about life and sometimes we all need that little bit of craziness in our lives.

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    Mature Women Looking for Young Men

    Mature Dating Show me some action
    I'm tired of this same old over and over again... most guys that I EVER encounter at the bar are too lame... or too scared to even say anything.. Love to have fun light hearted love to laugh want a man to bring passion back into my life make my heart race give me the world (just sayin) a man that wants to make me smile i need to have fun and party been to long im ready for anything bring it to me lets find out. I met a man on here and it was amazing. Just like all good things though it came to an end! would be great to find something like that again.

    "...younger men dating older women..."

    It seems a lot of older women do it...People my age and older hooking up with younger guys. I will admit, I have hooked up with guys that were about 6-9 years younger before. But, only a couple. I must say the ones I have hooked up with are not as mature as I prefer. I generally like my guys to be a tad older than me.

    What do you all think about women hooking up with younger guys?

    Ladies, have you done it? Would you be opposed to it?

    There seems to be a difference in the way the world perceives older men dating younger women vs older women dating younger men. Usually, if its the older man with an younger woman, there's a gross factor involved. You wonder if she's with him because of financial reasons. Where most older women are with the younger guys for the sex.

    Do you think there is a double standard?

    Have you (as a guy) ever hooked up with someone a lot younger than you? Would you be opposed to it?

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    Younger Men Dating Older Women

    Mature Lady Pic I am looking for a good time with no string attached - w4m - 30
    i am simply a girl that would love being able to to have some no strings fun with a hot stud, i've been hitched for 3 years and i am annoyed of receiving the same dick constantly if you understand what i mean... im fit, copassionate, red hair, greenish eyes, and my weight is about 130pounds


    From our blogs:

    So, I found myself being called a Cougar lately because I tend to date younger men. So, I decided to do a little research on the whole 'Cougar' thing and I wanted to share my thoughts.

    Hmmmm, so I guess I could really be considered both. But I started wondering why I was attracted to younger men???

    First off I want to say that a man doesnt have to be younger than me for me to interested in him. I think that I look young and act young (not immature) so I guess Im looking for the same. If you look young and act young (again, NOT immature) then youre going to be attractive to me no matter what your chronological age is.
    BUT... Younger men usually dont have the same amount of drama as older men, they usually have no or not as many ex-wives, baby mommas, children, child support payments and again DRAMA!!!. I am single, never married with no children ON PURPOSE!! There is too much birth control out there for people to keep 'accidentally' getting pregnant! I prefer someone who is in a similar situation.

    Ive also found that a lot of men who are older than me tend to like naps and football more than sex! Ive also found that its true for me that as I get older my sex drive gets higher! I am not going to work well with an older man who only wants to have sex for 5 minutes and then promptly goes to sleep! Younger men tend to be more excited about sex, are willing to be more creative, have more stamina and 'recharge' quickly for multiple sessions in one night!

    Again, Im not putting down older men, I have a fwb who is 40 years old and he can still do the dang thing and leave me totally satisfied!! But I am just stating my preference!

    So, I am curious to get your take on older women - younger men (Puma / Cougar / Cub) relationships! Younger men, why are you attracted to older women?? And older men, what do you do to compete with younger men???


    Anybody who has ever dated somebody much older or younger than himself or herself recognizes the feeling that you really don't choose the person you fall in love with. Age difference can lead to examination from other individuals and discomfort because of age-related differences in lifestyles and opinions. Agree that you will both try to stay on sincere and focus on the fact that you care for each other and are happy in the relationship.

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